Bonefish and Tarpon Trust Announces ARC Fishing As Their Newest Corporate Sponsor

Bonefish Tarpon Trust

From the Bonefish & Tarpon Trust:

MIAMI, FL – Bonefish and Tarpon Trust is pleased to announce ARC Fishing as their newest Corporate Sponsor at the Bronze Partner Level.

ARC Fishing is an emerging fly line, tippet and leader materials company whose philosophy embodies simplicity without sacrificing performance. As part of their sponsorship, ARC Fishing has donated fly lines and materials for use at BTT fundraising events and other special opportunities.

“ARC Fishing is excited to partner with Bonefish and Tarpon Trust on their continued efforts to conserve and protect habitat and fish species.  BTT is on the leading edge of these types of initiatives and it is with great pleasure that we are able to support them to ensure these habitats are protected for future generations of anglers.”

ARC fly line technology features a 6% low-stretch Response Core for superior line sensitivity and improved hook set and features a hard cover that will stand up to the harshest tropical conditions. A grooved line profile reduces guide friction and hang-up, resulting in longer more accurate casts.   All ARC Saltwater fly lines feature a durable, 100% polyurethane cover mixed with a super-slick, hydrophobic PTFE fluoropolymer for extended life and superior line floating. Saltwater lines are available in an ARC Bonefish/Redfish, ARC Tarpon, and the ARC99Salt, a multi-purpose saltwater taper.

“We’re thrilled that a new company like ARC Fishing recognizes the value of BTT’s work for the flats fishery and has such a strong desire to contribute and help us make a difference”, said BTT Director of Operations, Dr. Aaron Adams. “Collaborations like these give the flats fishery a brighter future.”


About ARC Fishing

The Angling Research Company (ARC) is a company dedicated to innovation and angler-centric technology in pursuit of the highest performance fly lines, leaders and tippet material for fly fisherman of all skill levels. They can be reached at or on the web at

BTT is a fisheries conservation organization dedicated to enhancing global bonefish, tarpon and permit fisheries and habitats through stewardship, research, education and advocacy. If you would like to learn more about Bonefish and Tarpon Trust’s efforts, please contact Dan Dow at 845.239.6051 or or visit our website at


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