Video: Fly Fishing for Atlantic Salmon at Finnmark

Salmon Run – Finnmark from Juuso Syrjä on Vimeo.

Atlantic salmon on the fly at Finnmark is the focus of “Salmon Run” and this venture proves rewarding.

From the video maker:

“Normally salmon run means: ‘The salmon run is the time when salmon, which have migrated from the ocean, swim to the upper reaches of rivers where they spawn on gravel beds.’
In Finnmark it means that fly fisher is running after the salmon for over 1 kilometer of rapids.

Fly fisher Jasper Pääkkönen had epic salmon run at Finnmark in August 2014 with #6 rod. By the time the camera went on it’s obvious that the fisherman was more exhausted than the fish after a little swim and a 400 meter sprint in knee deep water – both of which there were more to come…”

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