Video: Fly Fishing the Gunnison River Gorge in Colorado

Between Brothers – Fly Smart Media from Fly Smart Media on Vimeo.

Nice dry fly action on the renowned Gunnison River in Colorado.

From Fly Smart Media:

“After a decade of calling Western Colorado’s Gunnison River Gorge their home waters, the Houska brothers, Greg & Tom, share a glimpse of a summer well spent together guiding and floating the river. As the short film begins you immediately see why the Gunnsion Gorge is so unique – you have to carry all of your boating and fishing equipment over a mile into the deep remote canyon to the put in! As if that isn’t intense enough, there are 17 class II – IV named rapids in the 14 mile stretch.
Guarded by cliffs up to 2,700 vertical feet, the trout inside the Gorge grow to immense gold metal water standards with minimal angler contact. Perhaps, the best wild Brown Trout fishery in the Western US, you can see from this film exactly why the Houska brothers spend all of their time – guiding or not – inside the Gunnison Gorge.
Oh, and did we mention that every fish is caught on a dry fly?”

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More on this fly fishing destination:

Denver is almost the starting point for the world-class fly fishing that Colorado is known for. Running through downtown Denver is the South Platte River – a prized tailwater that serves trout and carp anglers in and near Denver and also provides extraordinary fishing in more mountainous locations southwest of Denver. Access spots such as Deckers and the gorgeous Cheesman Canyon tend to draw many anglers, while there is also highly regarded private water along the South Platte.

Further south, the Arkansas River offers a great deal of public access in diverse settings as well as opportunities for both walk and wade and float trips. And just west of the Arkansas flows the Gunnison River – famed for its gorgeous Gunnison Gorge and for spectacular float trips and salmonfly hatches.

Among many, two other rivers that attract raft and drift boat action are the Colorado and Roaring Fork Rivers. Meeting the Colorado in Glenwood Springs, the Roaring Fork offers easy access in its smaller sections closer to Aspen and opportunities for wading and floating as the river widens through the Roaring Fork Valley. Float trips on the Colorado River take anglers through seemingly endless miles of trophy trout water and through much of the state that is otherwise hard to access by foot.

The Taylor, Frying Pan, and Blue Rivers are tailwaters that offer anglers a unique opportunity to catch exceptionally strong (and often magnificently colorful) trout that reach often unbelievable sizes. Due to the constant supply of food and nutrients by way of mysis shrimp that flow through the spillways of the dams on the rivers, these trout are often both big and beautiful.

Rocky Mountain National Park includes everything from the Big Thompson River to several creeks and lakes in a setting that often promise both great scenery and run-ins with big game animals. And throughout the rest of most of the state, anglers can choose from some of the best rivers on earth, including the Yampa, San Juan, San Miguel, Cimarron, Animas, Rio Grande, Eagle and more. And for something different, lakes, reservoirs, and a range of backcountry waters provide additional opportunities.

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  1. Hey folks love to fish and love the gunny gorge but please not misrepresent the public here, no 2700 ft walls unless ur in the black, or footage of the black overhead while in the middle of a gorge float. They do it all the time an it bothers me. Two amazing places completey different and owned by two different federal land agencies. I know I was the river ranger for some
    time. I wouldn’t want to confuse someone that, the black was ok to float, it’s not, by raft anyway…

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