Video: Round Two of Fly Fishing for Pike in Zeeland

Because a big-toothy freshwater critter slamming big flies is always awesome, here is part two of the Zeeland, Denmark pike ventures.

From the video maker:

“In this movie we are searching for pikes at a location in the southern parts of Zeeland. This time the bellyboat is the primary weapon of choice.”

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Palometa Club Tournament

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  1. Hej Venturing Angler.

    I have a small movie about coastal flyfishing for searun browntrout. The film won a small national filmproduction contest. It’s about 4 guys chasing silver, and thereby winning a fishing competition. They didn’t win, but the film shows their fishing, bond, and “togetherness” in this venture to funen, Denmark.

    Kind regards Morten Jensen

    BA.Scient. Cand.stud.psyk.

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