Video: Exploring and Fly Fishing in “ArcticSilver”

ARCTICSILVER IF4 2014 from ArcticSilver Innovation on Vimeo.

A new fly fishing film short from ArcticSilver Innovation offers impressive images of remote fly fishing for several wild species of fish.

From the filmmakers:

“We’re extremely pleased to announce that – among a select few, this film was chosen to be a part of the recent IF4 Tour in North America. The international Fly Fishing Film Festival (IF4) is the fastest growing fly fishing event globally and continues to realize significant market share gains within the North American marketplace. It is the only fly fishing film event south of the equator with events held in Chile, Argentina and Brazil.

We’d like to extend our most sincere gratitude to the IF4 team, Fly Fusion Magazine (Chris Bird), and Vantage Point Media House (Nick Pujic) for making this possible. The film has been seen by thousands of people in North America and – among other places – it has played in New York, Atlanta, Denver, Santa Cruz, Vancouver, Calgary, and Seattle.

Thank you Harald Nylinder and Mikkel Poppelhøj, for beautifully conveying your magic moments in the Arctic realm – fly rod in hand. Harald Nylinder, you deserve lots of cred for playing your guitar and eminently singing your emotional song on the Greenland mid-summer tundra. Last but not least, a big thank you to CA, who did the filming and editing. // Please feel free to share the film with likeminded fly fishermen.”

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