Trailer: Fly Fishing British Columbia in “Stream Fishing Addiction” from H2O Media

The International Fly Fishing Film Festival has unveiled the trailer for a new fly fishing film, “Stream Fishing Addition,” which highlights fly fishing pursuits in British Columbia.

From IF4:

“There is a sensation that you get when first exploring a river… coming upon that spot, seeing that deep blue hole up ahead. This sense of exploration and pioneer spirit has driven mankind for eons and is responsible for much of what we are today.

Modern life – filled with sensory overload, city hum and busy schedules leaves many of us with a void to fill. Traffic, smog and endless opportunities to consume have become so commonplace, it’s hard to imagine any other way of life. Some of us instinctively need an escape to satisfy our souls and make the ‘day to day’ worthwhile. There is a deep­‐seeded need to experience an untouched and pure aesthetic beauty ‐ in order to offset the mad rush and media overload. Exploration, hiking and wading through the wilderness, seems to satisfy some instinctual need within us. This urge, combined with the art of casting, a continued education in entomology and the simple pure peacefulness associated moving water ­‐ leaves some of us completely and utterly addicted. Catch Stream Fishing Addiction exclusively at the 2014 International Fly Fishing Film Festival.

‘Stream Fishing Addiction’ is an H20 Media film.”

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