Video: Fly Fishing for the Flats of Kiritimati Island for Giant Trevally

Kiritimati Island is … in the middle of the nowhere. That’s the appeal. Hardly better described by the majority of folks as “an island in the middle of the Pacific Ocean,” Kirimati Island is a fly angler’s dream, with saltwater riches and solitude in an island setting, surrounded by aquatic bounty, namely in the critters local to the place.

In the video above, anglers chase the prized giant trevally on the flats.

To check out more from the filmmaker, Chris Eckley, please click here.

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  1. Sick video, incredible fish, why the rap? Seem incongruous. Oh well, to each their own. Dig the native sounds at the end and psyched to find out about a new bucket list destination.

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