Video: Fly Fishing for Golden Dorado in YELLOW FEVER

YELLOW FEVER from Pablo Saracco on Vimeo.

A trip for golden dorado is on the freshwater bucket lists of many anglers. However, for most, Argentina is far away destination, likely to only be reached by photo and film. For those seeking great film footage of angler taking on golden dorado on the fly, YELLOW FEVER certainly offers plenty of dorado eye candy.

From Pablo Saracco:

“Golden dorado fly-fishing as never showed. We sought this blood thirsty predator, in a wild and untouched environment, fishing at a very intense rhythm, and with the adrenaline pumping. Explosive strikes on the surface are what every fisherman wants to see, and we will show them in large quantities. Beastliness stalking behind every sunken trunk and in every ravine. Nothing is safe from its tremendous power. Solely designed to kill, he is the one in charge in the Paraná River.
YELLOW FEVER: the illness every fisherman will suffer from the moment he first makes contact with this wonder of the aquatic world.”

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