Video: Fly Fishing for Ponoi River Atlantic Salmon “The Incomparable Ponoi” from Gin Clear Media

The Incomparable Ponoi from Gin Clear Media on Vimeo.

The Ponoi River of Russia is deeply remote. North of the Arctic Circle, Ponoi River Atlantic salmon fishing doesn’t get much “press” in the fly fishing world merely because a trip to the Ponoi is such a venture that not many make it so far. Gin Clear Media did happen to make it that far, and they have documented fly fishing for Ponoi Atlantic salmon in “The Incomparable Ponoi.”

From the filmmakers:

“The Ryabaga Camp on the Ponoi River epitomizes all that we love about a remote fishing experience: the excitement of a true wilderness location yet an oasis of comfort; hospitality and fine cuisine; a totally wild Atlantic salmon population that is thriving – where the efforts to care for the stocks really do show positive results; and a team of people whose attitudes to service, work ethic and team spirit are second to none.”

Gin Clear Media

Enjoy the delightfully lengthy video above, and to check out more from Gin Clear Media, click here.

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