Magazine Revamp! The New Fly Fishing in Salt Waters Shines

Fly FIshing in Salt Waters Magazine

The new issue of Fly Fishing in Salt Waters magazine so impressive that it might just outsell the Time Person of the Year issue and the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit issue. Okay, maybe not, but it ought to!

The new Fly Fishing in Salt Waters is not simply a new-looking cover; it truly is a new magazine. By design, the new cover and logo brings a more attractive look to a long-time unchanged rag. Deeper than that, all sections of the magazine are redesigned for both a better look and seemingly more content. For fly fishing magazine readers, perhaps the two most important aspects of a read are the articles and (of course) the photos, and both aspects have improved greatly. In fact, Fly Fishing in Salt Waters might now offer the best in saltwater photos and articles anywhere – both in print and on the web.

Fly Fishing in Salt Waters has always been an excellent magazine. It now takes a new level.

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