Destination Connecticut: About Trout-CT Guide Services Get Wild!

Many of the best anglers in the United States get lots of press and prestige within the fly fishing world. (Self-promotion has a lot to do with that.) However, if you ask many of them where the best fly anglers in the country are, they will very frequently point to the Northeast.

States like Connecticut contain indescribably lush and thick forests packed onto rolling hills rarely separated by anything more than networks of gorgeous rivers that will make any angler ask, “Why aren’t the Hollywood movies filmed here?” and then state, “I’m glad they aren’t!”

Many Northeastern states such as Connecticut are so rich in natural resources that they not only help sell millions of calendars (depicting the incredible fall foliage), but places like Connecticut bring to many anglers what they tend to rarely get in the lower 48: solitude.

What else is abundant in Connecticut but a rarity for many anglers elsewhere? Wild trout. The professionalism and expertise of About Trout-CT can not only help anglers navigate their way over the river and through the woods, but About Trout-CT can also help anglers with the challenge of pursuing and landing the gorgeous but often tricky wild fish.

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