Tight Lines and Hang Ten: Kamchatka Surfing and Fly Fishing in the New Surfer Magazine

The new issue of Surfer Magazine details a recent exploratory surfing trip in Kamchatka (Russia) taken on by Keith Malloy and a crew of like-minded, simple-living, traveling surfers. An additional shared interest among the surfers is fly fishing, and the surfers chase Kamchatka trout on their trip as well.

Although the article only offers brief mention of fishing, the experience is of interest: exploring relatively unexplored expanses of wilderness and water in search of outdoor treasure (and finding it). This is how anglers like Will Blair of The Best of Kamchatka have spent many, many years. It’s cool. Exploring the unexplored in old Soviet helicopters and finding nothing but everything we dream of.

To check out the new issue of Surfer Magazine, please click here.

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