Fly Fishing Film in the Making: Waypoints from Confluence Films

A sizable St. Brandon’s bonefish poses for the camera.

Anglers love fly fishing films, and Confluence Films has not only served these appetites with healthy portions of fly fishing travel-rich films over the last few years, but they have also perhaps perfected the recipe for how to make the most superior fly fishing film dishes.

Last week, Confluence Films pleased online anglers with releasing their most recent offering, Connect, on iTunes. And while this delicious film is still being digested (and is worth watching many times), Confluence Films is working on their next film project: Waypoints.

Aggressively getting the bonefish release shot.

From Confluence Films: “Filming began earlier this month on St. Brandon’s Atoll in the Indian Ocean, a remote and uninhabited saltwater destination located 350 miles north of the island of Mauritius. Additional segments will include trophy payara in the jungles of Venezuela and Columbia, Golden Mahseer in India and Nepal, trout in Chile, and spring steelhead in Southeast Alaska.”

The photos above make clear that Waypoints will only further the standing of excellence that Confluence Films has delivered to the fly fishing world. Chris Patterson of Warren Miller Entertainment is the Director and Cinematographer of Waypoints, and what Patterson has brought to Rise, Drift, and Connect (the other Confluence Films releases) is similar to what Warren Miller ski and snowboard films deliver: an interesting and entertaining immersion into a region, its people, its environment, and its sport. Like Warren Miller films, Rise, Drift, and Connect offer a visual pleasing perspective while tapping into angler impulses to get to these destinations as quickly as possible.

Waypoints will certainly be a 2013 release worth looking forward to. To check out more from Confluence Films, please click here.

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