Fly Fishing Photography: Capturing Angling the World with Jim Klug

Jim Klug is accomplished in many areas of fly fishing from angling itself to travel services to film making and photography.

As Klug is an angler known for traveling to every corner of the planet, we would all be deprived if he didn’t travel with a camera by his side. Unlike most anglers, however, Klug is not simply an angler with a camera, he is an accomplished photographer who offers superior fly fishing photography.

Jim Klug has been everywhere (at least so it seems). From Nicaragua to Japan and from Bolivia to India, Klug has zig-zagged the globe and has fished and photographed destinations that many have not even considered.

Klug’s photography has made it to the eyes of many, as his pics have graced magazine articles, company advertisements, and various other mediums in the fly fishing world. He also has a great website packed with some of his best photos.

To check out more of Jim Klug’s photography, please click here.

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