Chilling Out on Black Friday

Last year on Black Friday, Patagonia took an interesting move by placing a full-page ad in the New York Times (above) both promoting their Common Threads Initiative but also encouraging consumers to take a breather and consider simplicity and other values during the holiday seasons.

Patagonia is right. Black Friday is a day when shopping in the United States can turn deadly and our consumerism is highlighted in horrifying ways. Don’t get us wrong, we are going to gear up on Black Friday, as businesses are offering some epic deals. However, the general way in which folks obsess about having things should be examined, and we need to take a step back and consider whether we are doing things in a healthy manner.

If you are gearing up, one thing to consider: shopping small businesses. Hit up your local fly shop rather than the big box stores and catalogs. Nothing local? Check out some fly shops that were impacted by Hurricane Sandy if they have online stores. The best option: Going fly fishing on Black Friday and relaxing!

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