Wild On The Fly Magazine: The Original on Fly Fishing Travel

Fly fishing travel was hardly a term when Wild On The Fly Magazine burst onto the scene in 2002. At the time, there were only a handful of fly fishing travel specialists, and few anglers had heard of many of the now commonly spoken of destinations and even species.

The premier issue in 2002 was unparalleled. Fly fishing photography and writing had not yet reached the sophistication that was introduced with that first magazine, and editor Joseph Daniel and the gang only improved their offerings with each subsequent issue.

From introducing most of the fly fishing world to Conway Bowman and mako shark fly fishing to exploring the Arctic in the pursuit of trophy char while being the pursuit of grizzly bears, Wild On The Fly presented true fly fishing adventures. (Note: This is no liberal use of the word “adventure.”)

Some might argue that Wild On The Fly started a movement in the fly fishing world of anglers exploring the world for new experiences in fly fishing. And although Wild On The Fly has not been printed for a couple of years, Daniel and crew remain active with other fly fishing travel related pursuits.

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