Fly Fishing Book Recommendation: Tuna on the Fly By Tom Gilmore

In a recent post, we raved about Tom Gilmore’s book, False Albacore. Taking on a related topic, Tom Gilmore also offers bluewater fly fishing enthusiasts Tuna on the Fly.

Tuna on the Fly is presented identically to False Albacore, and for anglers (including us) who like how Gilmore structured False Albacore, Tuna on the Fly lays out all of the must-know information related to fly fishing for tuna in an organized, systematic fashion.

First looking at the fish itself, Gilmore examines what (biologically) makes this fish such a monster of the ocean. Then breaking down each specie of tuna (blackfin, yellowfin, Atlantic bluefin, and related species such as albacore and bonito), Gilmore offers anglers all critical info about the tuna of the world.

Following the detailed look at species, Tuna on the Fly then breaks down fishing, fighting, and finding techniques, destinations, and the proper gear.

Tom Gilmore’s Tuna on the Fly is the best book made on the fly fishing for tuna and is a must-have for anglers pursuing these bluewater beasts. Tight lines!


Tim Harden

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