The Flyfish Journal: Exploring the World’s Waters Through the Written Word

In a short amount of time, The Flyfish Journal has satisfied its obvious intent: to provide the finest writing and photography of fly fishing in magazine form.

The Flyfish Journal is published four times per year and offers a variety of reflective account of fly fishing trips and travels. The most recent issue, for example, details fly fishing in Baja, Kamchatka, and Montana, to name just a few of the feature stories.

Documenting fly fishing travels in a sophisticated and thoughtful way, The Flyfish Journal resembles publications like the Surfer’s Journal, the Ski Journal, and frequency: the Snowboarder’s Journal, and The Flyfish Journal is in fact published by the same company as the the Ski Journal and frequency.

In its third volume, The Flyfish Journal has not been on the scene long, but each issue certainly has staying power and enough treasures for a long shelf-life (that is, if it even makes it that far – anglers won’t want to put it down!).

To check out The Flyfish Journal, please click here.

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