Fly Fishing Travel on DVD: Itu’s Bones is a Jaw-Dropping Bonefish Film

The newest fly fishing film from On the Fly Productions is one that anglers cannot miss!

Itu’s Bones offers anglers a visually stunning portrayal a gillnet fisherman (Itu) who evolves into a bonefish guide by way of the guidance of New Zealand fly fisherman, Carl McNeil.

Itu’s background in gillnet fishing is generational, as his family had been on the killing-end of bonefish netting for many years. McNeil’s mentoring results in an evolution that is documented in this beautiful film.

The film not only offers a great story, but for anglers, there is plenty of footage of flats fly fishing and bonefish hunting as well. Big bonefish on the fly and the story of conversion and acquired ecological awareness makes for a must-see fly fishing film.

To learn more about Itu’s Bones, please click here.

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