Destination Arkansas: Fly Fishing for True Hogs on the Fly with Larry Babin

Arkansas is a commonly underrated destination for fly fishing, and Larry Babin’s Hogs on the Fly has the expertise and know-how to bring to the surface the monster trout that elude so many anglers.

Hearing that a destination is underrated immediately raises questions. Don’t top fisheries get plenty of props in today’s information age? Yes and no. In the case of the White River (certainly a famous river by name) and the Norfork River, the rivers’ frequently changing conditions make challenges for many anglers that are often to difficult to navigate. Thus, you have few anglers giving the river the praise it deserves.

The White and Norfork Rivers deserve praise for numerous reasons, one critical reason being its massive trout. As Larry Babin points out, an angler can’t be surprised to see a 26+ inch brown taking the surface! And, it’s not just scattered populations of a few fish — the White River hosts 5,000 trout per mile.

These difficult to master rivers are mastered by Larry Babin and his guide service, Hogs on the Fly. Checking out his photo gallery reveals that his guide service is appropriately named and this region has a great deal to offer anglers. Hogs on the Fly will not only deliver opportunity for incredible trout days, but anglers can also become more adaptive as they learn.

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