Video: Fly Fishing for Dorado in the Bolivian Jungle

A crew from Yellow Dog Flyfishing Adventures recently returned from a trip to the Bolivian Amazon where they took on dorado and pacu in remote jungle waters. A new video captures much of what this trip is all about.

From Yellow Dog Flyfishing:

“Words fail to fully capture the Bolivian Amazon jungle; a rugged, untamed setting whose sights and sounds must be seen firsthand to fully conceptualize. The journey demands an adventurous spirit, accessed only via grass runways carved out of an otherwise impenetrable jungle. From there, head deep into the river systems via dugout canoes cut, shaped, and guided by the hands of the local indigenous people.

At the end of that journey awaits a species as challenging as it is tenacious, whose shimmering golden scales seem almost intentional given their status as one of the world’s most prized game fish. Jack Porter and cinemaphotographer Chris Patterson traveled to Tsimane’s Pluma Lodge to grant us an inside look at the day-to-day operations, the lodge, and the magnitude of the fishery.”

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