Video: Fly Fishing in Greenland

Fresh off a trip to Greenland, Yellow Dog Flyfishing adventures wasted no time in putting out a great new video about fly fishing in Greenland.

From Yellow Dog Flyfishing:

“For us, the draw of exploration never fades. New places, cultures, and fisheries are the driving force behind the Yellow Dog brand.

When Greenland came on our radar, we weren’t entirely sure what to expect—but were quickly blown away by the scenery, the seemingly never-ending rivers, and the thousands of massive Arctic char we could see only feet from the river’s edge.

Jim Klug and Josh Mills recently returned from travels to Camp North and Erfalik Lodge, two unique lodging operations stationed alongside two productive char waterways.

While not a technical fishery, it requires abundant hiking and is ideal for anglers who are in shape and prefer to work for the reward. For anglers who have traveled to Bolivia, New Zealand, or enjoy backcountry adventures, this is the perfect destination for you.

Given its proximity to the North Pole, the fishery is only open during July and August. But during that time, anglers can target massive and beautiful char on brightly colored streamers or skate big foam flies to entice exciting topwater eats. If you are also drawn to exploration and new adventures, Greenland’s ceaseless rivers should be near the top of your list.”

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