RIO Announces New Elite Salmon/Steelhead Fly Line

From RIO Products:

Like to swing flies, bombers, and wets for angry Atlantic Salmon? Or maybe you’re a die-hard chrome chaser in the Pacific Northwest. Either way if you’re looking for the best single-hand line for swinging flies with an accurate and delicate presentation, RIO’s redesigned Elite Salmon/Steelhead line is for you.

RIO’s Elite Salmon/Steelhead line, initially designed to meet the demands of the modern single-hand salmon and steelhead fly angler, is now coated with RIO’s proprietary SlickCast coating. The taper has long been a favorite of the RIO Products team. It was advanced by RIO’s co-founder and eminent fly fishing innovator, Jim Vincent, who is commemorated on the box for his contributions and life-long passion for fly fishing.

The Elite Salmon/Steelhead is known for its long head and rear taper which allows anglers to mend and control the fly at great distance when fishing the swing. A powerful bullet front taper ensures the line easily handles large steelhead and salmon flies, while the rear weight distribution makes this a great line for single handed Spey casting. Featuring ConnectCore Plus and SlickCast this line handles like a dream, shooting farther, and with increased sensitivity for feeling even the slightest take. Give the new Elite Salmon/Steelhead a swing, present the fly exactly how you want it, and hold on for the next explosive grab.

This taper was a favorite of Jim’s who used it to pursue Atlantic Salmon and steelhead all over the world. “Over the years that I worked for Jim, I found him to be an inspirational, creatively brilliant, and innovative person – someone who was incredibly passionate about the sport and the products RIO bought to market. We swung for steelhead in BC together, stalked trout on the local Idaho rivers, and fished for Atlantic salmon in Quebec. Jim was a good caster, and a great angler, but always wanted to be better.”

– Far Bank Education & Engagement Manager Simon Gawesworth


  • ConnectCore Plus – Low-stretch core that provides an increase in durability, smoothness, and performance
  • SlickCast – Exceptionally slick finish, and a super tough coating to keep you on the water


  • DualTone – Provides obvious color change in the line at the sweet spot for casting
  • EasyID – Printed line marking system allows anglers to easily identify line
  • Front & Back Welded Loop

Line Sizes:


MSRP: $99.99


About RIO:

In 1990, Jim and Kitty Vincent founded RIO in the mountains of Idaho on the idea that exceptional fly-fishing products should be built by anglers for anglers. More than twenty-five years later, we’re still in Idaho and driven by that same ethos. Most of us here are passionate fly-fishing anglers, wading all day in cold, clear Idaho trout streams, lighting delicate dries and heaving huge streamers – hooking, (losing), landing, turning loose fish after fish… We won’t even mention the horror of having to battle tarpon after bonefish after permit in the balmy turquoise tropics or braving the wrath of angry chrome in BC.