Trailer: Fly Fishing in New England in BLEED WATER

Another new Fly Fishing Film Tour has been released — this time for BLEED WATER — a film about fly fishing in New England.

From the Fly Fishing Film Tour:

“In a sleepy corner of New England where most rivers have been forgotten due to industrial era damage, Dan and Tom Harrison have spent over a decade changing the perception of the North East for anglers all over the country. What were once thought of as uninhabitable rivers are now being recognized as some of the best fisheries east of the Mississippi. Armed with western guiding skills and flatbeds with winches and rafts, the brothers starting dropping into any blue line they could find.

New England is a part of them, and the waters flow through their veins. Their near manic obsession with finding the next great river has taken them over the sides of guardrails and even down a waterfall or two. That unwavering commitment to throw a raft into anything that looks fishable has turned into a cornerstone in their region, unlocking epic fisheries all of New England’s guiding community.”

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