Trailer: A Friendly Fly Fishing Competition in Australia in THE BELT BUCKLE

Here come the trailers for the 2023 Fly Fishing Film Tour! To get things kicked off, the trailer for THE BELT BUCKLE is now live online.

From the Fly Fishing Film Tour:

“The Belt Buckle is an epic western inspired tale that follows four friends and their pursuit for ultimate fly fishing glory. For just over a century, an exclusive fly fishing competition has been held each and every season.

Whoever catches the biggest fish that year goes home with the elusive Belt Buckle, a family heirloom that dates back to 1922. It has been passed down the Berry family line, now belonging to two brothers Cale and Riley, who have continued the tradition, bringing in their closest friends and fishing buddies to compete in this momentous event.

So, sit back, buckle up and enjoy the drama, comedy and excellent fishing this wild tale has to offer.”

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