Trailer: Fly Fishing for Jack Crevalle in JACKS

Jack crevalle have it all. They are big, they fight hard, and they are a thrill to target with a fly rod. In JACKS, a new film coming to the International Fly Fishing Film Festival, Jako Lucas and fellow anglers take on this exciting fish.

From Capt Jack Productions:

“A Film by Jako Lucas & RA Beattie
Written by RA Beattie
Produced by Jako Lucas, RA Beattie, Tim Harden
Sponsored by YETI Coolers & The Orvis Company
Graphics by Marko Milosevic
Audio by Troy Hermes/Hermes Sound
Color By Diego Pena

Over the last 20 years, a steady stream of adventurous anglers has been traveling to some of the most remote places on the planet in search of big predatory fish called giant trevally or GTs. Decades of advancements in gear and collective knowledge have made it possible for anglers to take on these aggressive fish, catapulting them into the media limelight, and now they’re taking the angling world by storm. But, what if you didn’t have to travel to the most remote locations in the world to chase fish like this? What if we told you a similar species haunts many saltwater destinations around North America? In this short film, we take you on a comparative deep-dive into a truly remarkable species just as noteworthy. Welcome to the world of JACKS.

Special Thanks to
Talweg Media
Ryan Heffanan
RA Beattie
Paul Bourcq
Bradley Hyman
Helmut Zadarer
David Mangum
Cody Rubner
Ben Satterlee
Carter Andrews
Carter Blackwell
Matt Scholz
Marissa Wil”

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