Video: Fly Fishing for Trout in “Fjället”

When you get dropped off by a helicopter, you know you are fly fishing wilderness waters. A new video follows anglers in their backcountry fly fishing pursuits for trout.

From the video maker:

“Fjället’ = is Swedish and in English ‘the mountain’
‘Its all about trout”=That one you do understand do you? Trout, trout and trout no graylings , salmon or pike in this film
Fly Fishing Film? Yes it is but if you like nature you are welcome.

‘We all have been there… looking out the window at the shitty weather outside….. Dreaming away for a little bit…. thinking….I want to be out there again….peacefulness and nothing to worry about…. Let’s take a ride and get you out there again…. ‘

Lets go

Presented by Me and rods I use is”

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