Video: Fly Fishing at Katse Dam in Lesotho

Fly fishing for trout and smallmouth yellowfish in Lesotho are the focus of a video from African Waters.

From African Waters:

“Fishing at Katse Dam Lesotho – Amazing dry fly fishing captured by guest Owen Bruce in the home pool at the Makhangoa Community Camp.

As anglers, we always try to go and find the most remote, furthest place we can find, in hope that the fishing would be untouched and unreal, when in fact, the best spots are often right in front of us already.

Each day when the warm rays of sunshine beam over the lowest mountain slopes in the morning, the water temperature starts to rise and the fish start to get more active, hunting for insects on the surface. Anglers are often greeted to big shoals of cruising smallmouth yellowfish, and big single swimming rainbow trout, in the gin clear waters of the Bokong – all of this before breakfast. At times, shoals so big, that more than one fish will compete or your dry fly.

The bokong river, and in particular the home pool, has arguably some of the finest dry fly fishing anglers can experience in all of Africa.”

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