Video: Fly Fishing the Coast in Border to Bayou: Episode 2

A new series from Going Native follows anglers as they journey along coastal waters in North America. This is episode two.

From Going Native:

“Border to Bayou is an adventure film highlighting friendship and a shared bond of a yearning for wild places, as well as the raw grit, resilience, and freedom of Texas through a journey along its entire coastline: Mexico to Louisiana. The main heroes of this story are not the men in the Skiffs, but the incredible wildlife for which those anglers attempt to become familiar with. Texas is known around the world for its cowboys, football, and downright bigness. However, it is not near the top of the list of saltwater fishing destinations. In fact, it isn’t even known for its’ general outdoor recreation as the Western states have millions more acres of public land. Despite this, the anglers in this film are determined to show the spectacular diversity of angling opportunities in a different kind of awe-inspiring setting. The Texas coast may not be on many refrigerator postcards, but it sure has a rough beauty like nowhere else. This film will leave your skin hot, your lips cracked and salty, and your clothes sandy.”

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