Video: Giant Trevally on a Dry Fly

Giant trevally on a dry fly! Some exciting flats action from the Fly Fishing Nation.

From the Fly Fishing Nation:

“Stephan literally stumbled into this GT. The bird eating GT of Farquhar Atoll featured on BBC’s Blue Planet are known beyond the fly fishing community. If you haven’t spent the last decade living under a rock, you know exactly what we are talking about. Even when the nesting season is not in full swing, a hungry pack of fish always stay in close proximity. Stephan’s black brush fly didn’t convince this fish on the first attempt… floating on the surface, like a dryfly, a different reaction all together.

This material never made it into the final version of the film ‘Farquhar’ – if you are keen on the public release of the film festival 2022 version, watch this space.

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