Film: Bringing Light to Makhangoa in “Let There Be Light”

A new film, “Let There Be Light,” highlights a collaborative effort to bring light to Makhangoa in Lesotho.

From Indifly:

“In 2021 Indifly and Rubicon SA partnered up with African Waters to change the lives of an entire village in Lesotho. African Waters have been involved with the Village of Makhangoa for many years now and have made a massive positive impact through fly fishing. The village has seen real benefit through this fly fishing project, but we decided to take it a step further. In conjunction with Rubicon SA, Indifly brought solar power to the village so that people could have light in their homes for the very first time. This film tells the story of how fly fishing improved the livelihoods of an entire rural community. We are proud to present to you ‘Let there be light'”

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