Trailer: A 14-Day Saltwater Fly Fishing Tip in the Sailboat Diaries

The Sailboat Diaries from WildFly Productions is coming soon. A new trailer is now live with more to come next week.

From WildFly Productions:

“Our new series the “SAILBOAT DIARIES” drops 8.28.22 This series documents our 14-day sailing trip through the Caribbean chasing after our top bucket list fish, the Bonefish. We are hosting 3 LIVE film premieres to celebrate the release of the series. We’re bringing the whole crew, along with the short bus itself and we can’t wait to meet you guys! Come hang out, see the bus and grab a beer! We’ve got brand-new merch that will be available at the events as well as some exciting raffle prizes. Hope to see you there!

Event info:

SALT LAKE CITY, UT (8/26/22)
Where: Uinta Brewing Company
When: 5pm-9pm

MISSOULA, MT (8/27/22)
Where: KettleHouse Brewing Company
When: 4pm-8pm BOZEMAN, MT (8/28/22)

When: 1pm-5pm”

To check out more from WildFly Productions, please click here.

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