Expo Fly Fishing Patagonia to Take Place in October

The Expo Fly Fishing Patagonia is returning to San Martin de los Andes this October. This is a fun event that brings together anglers from throughout Patagonia.

About the event from Expo Fly Fishing Patagonia:

“The Expo started in May 2018, as an event that will gather all the fly fishing actors in order to reinforce the industry. After several meetings with key organizations and institutions that supported the idea, we launched the first edition in October of that year. The event was rapidly accepted by the fly fishing industry in Argentina, as the right place to meet each other, looking for what our mission says ¨to promote the development of fly fishing as a recreational activity and encourage new business and trade opportunities¨.

After three editions, we have been recognized as an event of public interest by the local, state and national government, and had more than 70 companies, small businesses and institutions attending and supporting in different ways every year. Approximately, the Expo gathered about one thousand attendants in two days, every year, who came from different parts of the country but also from Chile, Brazil, Spain and Uruguay.”

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