Show: Fly Fishing for Permit in Mexico

An old episode of Sportsman’s Journal has surfaced with permit fishing action in Mexico.

From Mill House:

“Many people have asked us what happened to Sportsman’s Journal, as it was nowhere to be found online our any streaming channels. Well, we’ve got our hands on a bunch of episodes from good friend, cameraman, and editor, Kevin Tierney, and happy to say Sportsman’s Journal will now be on YouTube. We did 81 TV shows around the world catching fish from Blue Marlin to Bonefish. DISCLAIMER: These shows were shot in the 90’s and display some improper fish handling techniques that are very frowned upon today. I wish I knew back then what I know now! Also, some of the shows have static and bad quality parts and pieces. It is what it is! In this episode, we are in Mexico in search of the elusive Permit. Enjoy!”

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