Film: Life in the Land: The Big Hole Valley

A new film from Stories for Action takes a look at the Big Hole River in Montana and the importance of this watershed and ecosystem.

From Stories for Action:

The Big Hole Watershed is an expanse of mostly intact grasslands, sage steppe, and forested mountains that host a diversity of wildlife, from sage grouse to pronghorn, and waterways that are key fish habitat. A large portion of the Big Hole River runs through working rangelands, and the fly fishing on this river attracts people from all over the world, making agriculture and recreation the driving forces of the local communities here. Find out how people representing a diversity of needs within a watershed are coming together to benefit all life here within the land, water, and communities, and how this is building resiliency throughout droughts and other pressures.

Featured in this film:
Jim Hagenbarth: Rancher, Big Hole Watershed Committee
Pedro Marques: Executive Director of Big Hole Watershed Committee
Liz Jones: Rancher, Big Hole Watershed Comittee
Eric Thorson: Sunrise Fly Shop, Big Hole Watershed Committee
Chet Robertson: Range Rider, Big Hole Watershed Committee
Jim Magee: USFWS Partners for Fish & Wildlife Program, Big Hole Watershed Committee

This film is part of the Life in the Land project, which are films and podcasts hearing perspectives from those who live and work within the complexities of the lands and waters of Montana. There are four regions featured in this first season, and the content is available for free to be used as a tool to kick off events, workshops, community dialogue, and to be used in educational curriculum. Find out more at