Sight Line Provisions Announces the Chroma Collection

AUSTIN, Texas (March 29, 2022) — Sight Line Provisions is pleased to announce the Chroma Collection — a new offering inspired by the colors we see in the wild.

After the overwhelming success of Sight Line Provisions’ (SLP) past “fresh powder” limited-edition pieces, the Chroma Collection brings a pop of color to SLP’s most popular designs and offers retailers an exciting new product.

“With this collection, I wanted to give my designs that extra punch that sometimes only a bold color palette can provide,” states Edgar Diaz, designer and founder of Sight Line Provisions. “My reasons for creating this collection are pretty straight forward — I wanted to expand my range of expression from brown and silver and connect a specific design with the color that represents it.”

The Chroma Collection brings new colors to seven selected badge designs for 2022. These pieces will feature powder coated stainless steel badges on special colored Horween leathers unique to the year released.For this initial launch, SLP will offer Tarpon in flats blue, Redfish in vermillion, Trout in steely gray, Tectonic Rush in spruce green, Mountain Bike in fresh air mint, Antler Shed in sage green, and Flash in goldenrod. These are the first of many new colors coming to the Chroma Collection with 2023 additions to be announced later this year.

All pieces in the Chroma Collection are handmade at SLP Studios in Austin, Texas, and the collection is available now to SLP retailers starting March 30 and later this spring on the Sight Line Provisions website.

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About Sight Line Provisions:Sight Line Provisions is inspired by the state of mind that all outdoor lovers get when we are in our element; what we see in our “Sight Line” is personal and most often what makes our time on the water or in the field special. These designs are symbols of our shared passion for nature and the thrill of seeing wildlife in their element. Whether you are a photographer, fisher, hunter or hiker, we all share those unexpected moments in the wild that speak directly to our soul. For more information about Sight Line Provisions, please visit our website and follow us on FacebookInstagram, and Twitter.