Show: Fly Fishing for Trout in Wind River Country

Wind River Country is home to world class remote fly fishing for wild trout. This destination is the focus of a new episode of the New Fly Fisher.

From the New Fly Fisher:

“Jenna McKeown visits Wyoming’s beautiful Wind River Country for the first time to fly fish on the many public small streams and rivers the region is blessed with. From Cutthroat to Brown Trout, we learn about the wide range of great fishing opportunities this area has to offer all anglers. Jenna is staying at Boysen State Park and the C&E Hunt Club, both of which are perfectly located in Wind River Country to provide easy access to the region’s many rivers, lakes and small streams for trout fishing:…, To learn more about Wyoming’s Wind River Country, go to: or contact the Wind River Visitors Council: 1-800-645-6233.”

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