Film: Fly Fishing Passions and Traditions in “The Ties that Bind”

From the pursuit to the passing on of traditions, fly fishing is rich with meaning. A new film from Costa Sunglasses looks at the shared passions of Blane Chocklett and Larry Dahlberg and the angling traditions that get passed down.

From Costa Sunglasses:

“For some, fishing is a game of luck. For others, it’s about strategy, probability and tactical execution of a well-laid plan. ‘The Ties that Bind. explores the connection between Blane Chocklett and Larry Dahlberg — two masters of a highly cerebral approach to angling. Countless hours on the water have taught these two the importance of innovation, persistence and the multi-generational inheritance of passion and knowledge. We’re proud to share the story of Larry and Blane’s unique bond, as well as the one they share with the future generation inheriting their craft. After all, some bonds are thicker than blood…”

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