Film: Fly Fishing for Wild Steelhead in Leap Year: A Story About Fish & People

There’s no place like the Bulkley-Skeena Valley when it comes to fly fishing for wild steelhead. This region is also home to some of the most important conservation efforts for these fish.

From Orvis:

“With so much change in the world around us, we all need something to count on. The outdoors are a place most of us turn for peace and rejuvenation. Outdoor pursuits dripping with tradition—like Spey fishing—have become even more sacred and worthy of protection.

Now, from issues like global pandemics to global warming, there are countless ways in which this tradition can be broken. In swinging flies for wild steelhead in British Columbia’s famed Bulkley-Skeena Valley, “Leap Year” explores the river and the colorful characters of this culture as it begs the question: who will carry on these traditions if the migrations come to a screeching halt?

We’re proud to be supporters of this film by @anadromous & @topofilms. Leap Year spent the last 12 months touring in the F3t film festival.”

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