Film: Fly Fishing for Striped Bass in “Sunshine for Days”

Taking on Lake Powell stripers in “Sunshine for Days” — a new film now live online.

From Gilbert Rowley:

“In the Summer of 2020 we organized a trip to Lake Powell to chase the legendary striper boils. Needless to say, it didn’t disappoint! We had some of the best fishing of our LIVES on this trip, and the best part… we were able to share it with our friends and family in a place that truly is paradise on earth!

Side Note:

As is apparent in the film, we chose to pursue these stripers from wave runners. This is an exceptional way to chase these fish since the stripers are chasing schools of shad and often times moving around the lake quickly. I do want to mention that this lake is over 185 miles long with endless canyons to explore. That is not a typo… it is seriously over 185 miles long. Literally millions of people visit and recreate on this lake every year. I recognize that there is some controversy in our sport of fly fishing regarding the use of wave runners. However, in this particular body of water while chasing these fish we are neither disrupting other anglers, the fishery, or habitat by using wave runners. It is simply an efficient way to cruise around a very large lake looking for fish behaving in this particular manner that allows us to fish big poppers to overly aggressive fish.

Film Overview:

Experts say that sunshine has a way of making us happy, and with that in mind, welcome to my happy place. In a magical desert landscape filled with red rocks and water, there lives a healthy population of land-locked striped bass. Join us as we take to our wave runners with fly rods in hand to chase the legendary striper boils of Lake Powell.”

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