Film: Fly Fishing for Wild Rainbow Trout in “Particles & Droplets”

“Particles & Droplets” — a film from Gilbert Rowley — is now available to watch online. There is some exciting rainbow trout action in this one!

From Gilbert Rowley:

“In the Fall of 2019 Devin Olsen, Chris Cutler, and I went on a fly fishing adventure chasing hard fighting, high jumping rainbow trout. Our objective was to capture and share how amazing these fish are in all their glory. Wild rainbows in a wild setting make for an amazing project. This film toured to over 100 locations in multiple countries during 2020 as part of the IF4 Film Festival. We are pleased to finally release it to the public. We hope you enjoy our short film Particles & Droplets.

Film Overview: In a universe where two realms collide there is something beautiful and mysterious hidden to the untrained eye. We live in a world consisting of particles and solids, whereas they come from a world of droplets and flowing liquid. For us, there’s an adventure waiting each time out, but will we make the effort to enjoy what’s before us? Immerse yourself in this adventure and get outside and get CONNECTED! Thanks so much for watching!”

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