Film: Exploring the Fly Fishing Journey in “Out There”

Last year, “Out There” from HOOKÉ was a popular film in the International Fly Fishing Film Festival. This week it was selected as the audience favorite, and now the full film is available online.


“Cranbrook, BC – The International Fly Fishing Film Festival (IF4) today announced “Out There” from Hooke as the winning film, and audience favourite, of the 2021 cycle of IF4. “Out There” follows Fred Campbell and the Hooke crew as they make the best of difficult circumstances, a storyline that resonated with audiences on the 2021 virtual tour. The film explores the idea of fly fishing as a remedy to difficulty and follows the journey of anglers in search of Pike, Atlantic Salmon, Steelhead and Coho.
We can’t really explain how we feel right now here at Hooké! We just learned we have won the International Fly Fishing Film Festival with our Film “Out There” which was toured across the world last year. We have been participating in this festival for several years now and it is an honour to have finally hit the mark and be the favourite for this year. The goal is definitely not always to win but it sure feels good especially when the vote comes from all the audience. We have been driven since day one by our community and have tried to do the best and most inspiring content for all of you. We all have certain goals in life and we truly believe it is important to go after them no matter what goal it is. It may take more time on certain goals but when you manage to finally do it, it becomes one of the most rewarding feelings on earth. Here at Hooké our team dreamt of one day producing some of the best fly fishing films on earth and this is an example that all dreams can come true if you believe it them strong enough, put in the hours and do it with the right people. Thanks to everyone who was part of this film and made it happen. Anything can happen if you truly believe in it! Never stop believing and thanks to everyone who voted and all the other participating films.”

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