YDCCF Film: The Community of Punta Allen

Located in Ascension Bay, Mexico, Punta Allen is known by many for the fly fishing that attracts anglers to this town. The Yellow Dog Community & Conservation Foundation has been working to support the community in Punta Allen, and a short film highlights the work they are doing.

From the YDCCF:

“For years, anglers from around the world have ventured to the small coastal community of Punta Allen in Mexico’s Yucatan peninsula in pursuit of bonefish, permit, and tarpon on the fly. This special place has produced lasting memories for all who have had the privilege to experience its world-class fishing opportunities. More so, it has been the welcoming and generous people that call Punta Allen home that keep anglers coming back.

For the past six years, Yellow Dog and YDCCF have been a sponsor of the annual Punta Allen Super Slam Tournament at Grand Slam Lodge. Each year, funding raised from the tournament auction have gone back into the community to redo school bathrooms, install new plumbing for the school children, provide a carbon fiber (rust-proof) wheelchair for a student, remodel classrooms, build an outdoor lunch palapa, create cement stands for the in-town soccer field, and donate a brail typewriter/scanner/laptop to a special needs student, amongst other needs.

Future projects include building a teacher dorm so that the community can retain their educators, filling in potholes to reduce standing water, as well as purchasing needed landscaping equipment. This past December, we premiered this film in Punta Allen that displayed the progress that has been made over the past several years to enhance the community thanks to the generous donations of many. Please consider supporting YDCCF by donating via ydccf.org or via mail-in check!”

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