Video: Building the Ultimate Fishing Rig: The Skiff (Part 2)

In the first video of the rig build series from Bajío Sunglasses, Jay Johnson worked on his bus. Now he takes on his skiff. This is part two of the skiff build.

From Bajío:

“We’re going to miss Solace, the people, the energy, and all the free advice! Jay’s been working night and day literally GRINDING. Sander in one hand, GoPro in the other, yelling over the air tools about all he’s learned. Jay’s as busy as he’s ever been, and that’s just how he likes it. He’s finally immune to the dust following the lead of his friend and trim and grind specialist who goes by the name “Itchy”. Itchy don’t itch, and now neither do we.

How’s the Panga? Well as Stephen says, “Let your imagination soar to the heavens, and then engineer it back down to earth”. This whole project has been one crazy process after another. Prep, grind, infusion, paint, all under the supervision of some of the industry’s best. Pangas are simple and we tried to keep it that way, but when Stephen wanted to add a few touches, we let him do his thing!

We added magnets all around the bow to hold your beer along with your favorite flies. We non-skidded the whole deck via resin infusion and even got hooked up with a custom fabricated switch panel from our friends @solaceboats. We can’t wait to show you the whole process, enjoy!


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