Video: Fly Fishing for Dorado in Argentina

Dorado action in Argentina! The crew from the Fly Fishing Nation made a film for Suindá Lodge, and in it, we get to see some outstanding angling action.

From the filmmakers:

“Starting in January 2019, Nervous Waters will officially open its newly built Suindá Lodge. Suindá is a dorado-fisher’s dream, strategically located near the town of Itatí, in the province of Corrientes.

The region houses one of the most productive sections on the Upper Paraná River, a clear-water fishery that consistently kicks out good numbers of large dorado. Its secret lies in its structure: generally fast-flowing runs, coursing over beautiful rock gardens. You’ll also sight-fish sandbank zones, where, when the conditions are right, colossal dorado hunt sabalo baitfish that seasonally congregate in big schools.”

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