Video: Micro Spey and Big Trout on the Deschutes River

Micro Spey and big trout on the Deschutes River in Oregon in a new video from Todd Moen and Catch Magazine.

From Catch Magazine:

“Catch Magazine’s 69th Edition features a video shot on its homewaters – Oregon’s Deschutes River. ‘Scandinavian Wrangler’ was filmed mid – summer of 2020, just months into the Covid-19 restrictions set in Oregon. So, without international travel as an option and aiming to ‘fish local,’ Todd teamed up with his good friend Jakob Lund to meet for a microspey project in their ‘backyard.’ Jakob, known by many as ‘The Viking,’ is the best of the best on film and has logged tremendous amounts of hours with Todd on camera over the years for Catch Magazine.

Lent a vehicle named ‘Gronk’ by Portland-based Roamerica, Todd and Jakob documented a day of fishing with a van, a man and a micro spey fly rod. ‘Scandinavian Wrangler’ aims to capture the Wild West of the Deschutes, the magic of the Warm Springs stretch of the river during wildfire season and the cowboy/viking from Denmark at his best. Thanks to Guideline Eyegear, R.L. Winston and its new micro spey series of rods, Outcast Sporting Gear, Roamerica, and the Confederated Tribes of Warm Springs. Thanks also to Jakob Lund, who put in the time and awesome effort to make it all happen.”

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