Film: On Motherhood and Fly Fishing in “The Salmon Journey”

A film from HOOKÉ looks at motherhood, fly fishing, and how to live life to the fullest.


“We want to take the time to honour all the moms who stood out this past year. We know that it has been an extremely difficult year and that for most moms you had to work twice as hard to make sure that your children have everything they need. We can’t also forget all the moms who didn’t have the chance to see their children this year due to the circumstances. The role you play in your children’s lives is so important, moms deserve to be given flowers 365 days a year, so take the time to tell your mom how much you love them. Thank you all for being such great women, today is your day.

Here is the film The Salmon Journey, which highlights an extraordinary mother who has dedicated most of her life to her children. Monique Pomerleau, mother of 3 and mother of Fred, hits the road to live a memorable experience. Monique has Parkinson’s disease, a degenerative disease that will not allow her to enjoy life in the same way as the years go by. Her son Fred Campbell decided to take her on the trip of a lifetime to spend some quality time with her and to give her a nice souvenir while she could enjoy it to the fullest. We hope that this film will motivate you to do the same and spend some quality time with your mom. They have always been there for you and this is the time to thank them. Don’t put off until tomorrow what you SHOULD do today.”

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