Video: An Idaho Fly Fishing Trip

A fly fishing trip to Idaho is the focus of a video from Flycraft …

From Flycraft USA:

“Let us introduce you to our not so dear friend Cindy. To be honest, Cindy blows, and usually ends up at the party even when she wasn’t invited.

Yet for what ever reason, with even the smallest whisper of her name, she comes a howling through the canyon just as soon as the lines hit the water.

Now Cindy isn’t all bad. She has a few redeeming qualities. The birds seem to like her. She does help plant seeds in the forest. If she keeps here temper in check she can occasionally be a welcome face on a warm summer night.

On the other side, when Cindy is in one of her moods, oh she makes a racket. She screams in your ears.She pulls at your clothes. She throws stuff out of the boat and makes it her own personal goal to make casting as hard and frustrating as possible. She’s a relentless force hellbent on ruining fishing trips.

Luckily Alex and Mia are not afraid of Cindy. Even if she’s forecasted to be on the river in full force they don’t mind. So we’ll be heading a few hours north of their home in Salt Lake City and getting onto the Henry’s Fork in Idaho. Home to some of the worlds best fishing, even if Cindy shows up.

We’re hitting both the Warm River as well as Box Canyon sections of The Henrys Fork in Idaho. With the water levels being so low this year most drift boats aren’t able to make it through the more shallow sections of Box Canyon. We’ll be sneaking through the low water with no issues in the Flycraft Stealth X and 3-Man Guide boat. Doing our best to get our lines tight and keep out of the weeds.”

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