Video: Fly Fishing for Snook in the Surf

For those who have ever had the experience of walking the beaches of Florida in search of snook, you know it’s one of the most thrilling ways to take on these fish. And at a lot of these beaches, you’ll be sight fishing for double digit fish!

From Deep See Visuals:

“While many Florida fisherman despise the “dog days of summer,” for some, there is something truly special about that sizzling, scorching heat. You see, come summertime, you can find snook hugging tight to the over 1,300 miles of sand laden shoreline that encases the state of Florida, as they traverse the southern half of the peninsula.

Procreation is on their mind…and like wildebeest on the Serengeti, these fish make their way towards the inlets, beaches and shallow-water reef systems along the coastline…their summertime vacation.

The most dedicated of anglers, like Florida resident Brenton Roberts, take full advantage of this yearly phenomenon, armed with a fly rod and a little bit of knowledge. Join us as we follow this seasoned summertime fly angler down the shores of Martin County, FL, as he hunts for bruiser linesiders that surely can’t resist a well placed fly.

Produced By: Deep See Visuals”

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