Video: Fly Fishing for Bull Trout in British Columbia

British Columbia bull trout action in a video from Flycraft!

From Flycraft USA:

“Bull Trout in British Columbia has always been a bucket list fish for us here at Flycraft. Fortunately for Andrew Leus, aka Paperbag Fisherman, his home waters are some of the best bull trout fisheries out there. Although Andrew makes it look easy, don’t be fooled, a lot of hard work goes into it. Long days on the water, exploring new zones and techniques as well as years of experience has helped Andrew separate himself from the typical angler. From what he tells us, his Flycraft Stealth X is a huge advantage too.

Andrew has had our classic 2-man Stealth Fisherman Package for years but he recently added the Stealth X to his fleet. As you can see in this video, it didn’t take him long to put it to good use.”

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